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Today there are more connected devices in the world than people. We have a solution which enables lifecycle management, upgradeability, and security for all connected devices. We believe that a better-connected world transforms the way of living. Our mission is to help our customer control the connected world.

On this journey we help our customers with SyncShield. SyncShield is the most flexible platform for device management, cybersecurity and integration of devices to business processes.

We partner with companies that can complement SyncShield device management system or in a way where SyncShield or it’s features can be used to complement your solutions. This way your company could be able to provide a full one-stop-shop customer experience.

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Our partners


Irdeto is leading company of cybersecurity products for Conneceted Transport. SyncShield complements Irdeto offering in various products, e.g. Anomaly Detection Solution (ADS) and Keystone.


Symbio Elysian is leading embedded software stack for various devices, including e.g. Automotive Intotainment (IVI) systems. SyncShield complements Elysian offering with Device Management and OTA functionalities.


Whenever we need supreme IoT design we rely on expertise of iProtoXi. They know how to build energy efficient, well connected devices. On the other hand, SyncShield is the device management platform to which the rely on.


SyncShield is one of founding members in Oulu Automotive Cluster which comprises of nearly on hundred Finnish companies that have innovative technology offering for Automotive Industry.


FISC is an active member of ECSO (European Cybersecurity Organization) and a cluster of 80 Finnish cybersecurity companies. SyncShield is proud to be one of founding members of this organization.

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